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umm... :It's harder than I thought. I couldn't grasp a lot of things. Isometries officially kicked my butt. I realised that it was not great for a 10th Grader (soon to be 11th) like me. Perhaps I need a bit more BASIC-Basic Mathematics.
For now, I am putting an hold on grinding Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang. I will continue learning math from Khan Academy and much more.

What about the future? Well, I want to keep posting about math, regardless of the source. I will keep posting what I learn, what is interesting and what is not.

Definitely, a lot to learn. I will soon start my Grade 11, and it's going to get ~~~~~ real soon. Let's hope for the best!

Keep practicing!

:x Lore

I have been studying Serge Lang's Basic Mathematics with the help of Real Physics' lectures to up my "game" in maths. I want to revisit the fundamentals and develop a better foundation.

I am hoping to finish the book by the end of June. I haven't "grinded" textbooks this way before, but I know that this is going to be a great experience.

This is where I update things and tell you all about the things I have learned.

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