I am a High Schooler from India who thrives to learn new things, looks out for self-improvement and loves autonomy. I am interested in polymathy, autodidactism, philosophy and math among many. I love talking to new people, music, reading and writing.


Making YouTube videos based on my writing. Also, improving my math fundamentals and searching for new opportunies and experiences. Upgrading my skills, so that I can focus on doing what really matters to me. Zoning in on knowledge working and augmenting cognition -> search me, lol

Feel free to hit me up if you have anything to talk about relating to these stuff.

This year

My main goals for this year are:

No but, who are you exactly?

I am that guy who tells you random facts about stuff just because they seem so exciting. I am fuelled by curiosity and the idea of helping people. I want to transcend beyond the norms.

Few of my blogs that shows some of my personality:

I can help you for stuff like productivity systems, Obsidian, workflows, books, etc. I can also help you reach out to people that knows things beyond my understanding.

Flexing (i don't do that anymore)

I am a self-taught guitarist, programmer, musician. I know and speak several languages: Assamese (Native), English, Hindi, Sanskrit (a bit); in that order of proficiency. An aspiring researcher; published a paper about environment in my region.

I participated in YUVIKA '23 (Young Scientist Programme) held by ISRO and was a participant in ANVIKA '23 Programme hosted by Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology. I am eager to attend more programs/camps in the upcoming summer. I will be satisfied with anything that makes me learn new things, skills and makes me a better person.

Okay, you seem cool enough, where can I reach you?

In that order:

Now that you've seen what makes me tick, consider reading my blog.