End of Part I: Algebra

Revision, opportunity and learning.

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I am about two weeks too late to write this.

About two weeks ago, I finished The first part of Basic Mathematics...

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

...and I am really glad that I did (I know, cliché.)


I had already read most of the stuff in Grade 9 and 10, so it was easy for me to grasp things. But I had to re-learn some of the things, as I didn't have a good foundation in some concepts. Thus, it was a great revision opportunity.

Chapter 2 and 4 were easy af. The three-variable linear equations were a bit new to me. I took my time with that.

Chapter 1 and 3 were the most impactful. I had to learn some proofs and theorems, which were pretty fun. I had some tough luck with inequalities, but they were pretty fun in the end. The interlude was pretty fun to read too.

All in all, reading this made me realise that this is not for the complete beginners; it requires a bit of basic math knowledge (kind of ironic, considering the book is named "Basic Mathematics" itself).

The language is not simple, but it is concise and clear in mathematical standards (not that I have read multiple math books...)


I was so interested that I even wrote a blog post about it. And another, incorporating the things I had learned.

It helped me look things through the more logical side of the brain. Instead of being too "algebraic", things were actually more on a physical plane in which you can move things and manipulate them. Something like arranging a physical puzzle, except you're working with proofs, theorems and equations. That's the best I could describe 💀.

Next up...

The next part is called "Intuitive Geometry", which will take that "physical puzzle" feeling to another level. And as I am writing this, I have already completed the first chapter... and it's interesting indeed.

And I've realised that I need to work on my geometric abilities. My "intuition" is a bit off. But I can definitely work on that.

More updates will soon follow.

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